I just don’t know where to start with Lisa - there are too many great things to say! My husband and I were planning a wedding in San Diego from across the country, which was completely overwhelming. Before we even hired her, she proved to be such an amazing person and a great help. After hiring her, my wedding planning process was almost instantly more enjoyable and far less stressful. She had amazing recommendations and connections that helped us save money in the long run, and she knew all the ins and outs of our venue, The Darlington House! Like most grooms, my husband’s interest in wedding planning was zero, so he loved Lisa because she provided me with an outlet to gush about details and vent whenever I needed. For me, although my husband is my rock in life, Lisa was my rock when it came to the wedding. She took care of all the nitty gritty things that I didn’t know a thing about, but let me be as involved as I wanted to be. She really understood what our vision was for the wedding, what our priorities were, and made sure to marry both all while honoring our budget. Anytime I began to feel stressed or overwhelmed, she was there to talk me off a ledge and made the decision-making process so much more bearable. The day of our wedding was flawless - if anything went wrong, my husband and I had no clue about it. She made sure that all Steve and I had to worry about was enjoying our day, enjoying our guests and making amazing memories, which we absolutely did
— Amanda
I’m so grateful we found Lisa! I planned a 170 person wedding in La Jolla remotely from SF. Lisa was our day-of coordinator and she went above and beyond to make our wedding a beautiful, fun and perfectly flowing day!
Lisa’s coordination was extremely valuable to us. She is a total professional - organized, sweet, quick, efficient and knowledgeable. I was blown away by the service she provided to me and my husband.
First of all, I didn’t know which vendors to pick so I consulted Lisa. Her recommendations were spot-on! I kept hearing that our vendors that our vendor group was the dream team and I was totally thrilled with hair/makeup, catering, photography, lighting, etc... We also had some non-traditional vendors (flamenco band from LA that had never done weddings) and Lisa was super cool about helping them get in wedding-mode and she was cool and flexible with my husband’s crazy last-minute ideas and adjustments!
Our wedding day was beautiful but a little bit hot under the sun for the guests. I really appreciated how Lisa kept the ceremony perfectly on time so that no one had to suffer the heat longer than they needed to!!! Also, this left comfortable time for all the speeches, dancing etc... We also had a ridiculously big bridal party of 22 and Lisa helped organize 11 rowdy groomsmen with ease. All of our family members praised Lisa the day after and mentioned how on-top-of it she was and how nice she was. Lisa easily and graciously directed the day from start to finish and we all felt extremely relaxed trusting in her capable hands.
The truth is - weddings can be stressful. I’m sincerely SO grateful we found Weddings by Lisa Nicole - She made our wedding perfect, fun, and memorable!
— Annie + Peter
Going into our wedding, people kept asking how I could be so calm and relaxed, and I kept telling them that it was because I had hired an amazing wedding coordinator to help with all the details and logistics. Best decision ever and SO worth it—even though we had a limited budget, it was absolutely the right decision to allocate part of the budget to hire Lisa, and I would highly recommend her services to any bride and groom, no matter how small their budget.

I had a magical experience that not every bride gets to have: throughout the ceremony and reception, I was able to focus on my groom, my family, and my friends. Everything else—every little detail and logistical issue and everything else that can distract a bride—simply faded into the background. Instead, I was truly able to enjoy every moment of the day, and I credit Lisa for making that possible! HIRE HER! You will be so happy you did! Having a wedding coordinator is not enough—you have to have a wedding coordinator who is organized, detail-oriented, professional, assertive, knowledgeable, experienced, trustworthy, personable, intuitive, and who will guide you toward making the day exactly what you envision. Lisa is all these things and more!
— Bethany + Aaron
I don’t even know where to begin in describing how amazing it was to have Lisa as our wedding coordinator. Say a prayer that she’s available for your wedding date!
As a long distance groom, I was hoping for support for my fiancé as we planned our wedding. We encountered Lisa at our venue, the Darlington House, and bringing her onboard was the best decision we made in our entire planning process.
-Lisa saved us money. Vendors love her and many give her special rates. She had great recommendations that fit within our budget, and when we picked people she didn’t know, she quickly won their respect and fostered collaboration. In the end, Lisa ended up paying for herself and probably saving us more on top of that.
-Lisa kept us on track. She’s a fantastic communicator, giving us plenty of heads up when decisions were due. Though I only had my hand in particular aspects of the planning, Lisa personally called me several times to keep me in the loop and make sure I was happy with everything. My wife was thrilled with the level of communication.
-Lisa made things happen. Lisa came up with a realistic timeline and the wedding ran exactly according to plan. When small things went wrong, like my buddy popping a button on his vest, Lisa always had a needle and thread or some other timely solution. There were no glitches at our wedding; it was a near perfect day.
Lisa is the kind of person you have an amazing time working with, and then you both want to be friends with afterwards. You will receive compliments from your wedding guests about how amazing your wedding planner was, rather than hearing how people were put off by the bossy, school-marmy lady herding cats around the wedding venue. My wife and I HIGHLY recommend her for any other weddings in the future.
— Jenica + Marty
This review is over due. :) We hired Lisa as our month of coordinator for our wedding on 9/6/15 at the Martin Johnson House. Our wedding was planned for a busy time for my job, so I knew I needed help prior. Lisa was so sweet and had great advice on our first meeting. I knew she was a great choice. She was responsive with questions I emailed her throughout the planning process and had great recommendations for vendors. As the event got closer I started to stress about finalizing layout with different vendors that had conflicting suggestions, confirming the shuttle times and ensuring the caterers had our correct rentals ordered. I emailed her all of the information and she took care of all of it and it turned out amazing. We dropped off some diy decor with directions the morning of the event and I didn’t have to worry about anything else! I was able to enjoy my family and friends without distraction. There were a few hiccups that I found out later from Lisa but she handled them like a pro and let me focus on enjoying our day. I would hire Lisa again in a heartbeat
— Tonya + Phil
Lisa is an amazing wedding coordinator and we would highly recommend her! We hired Lisa for month-of wedding coordination services which included full wedding day and rehearsal coordination, in-person appointments, plus unlimited email communication. It felt like we had a coordinator for the entire year rather than month-of. Lisa was incredibly responsive and helpful in answering questions, and really guided us along the way.
On the wedding day itself, she took care of EVERYTHING so the bride/groom could truly relax. We did not have to worry about logistics, set-up, etc.
Lisa was extremely professional and was able to easily manage such a large wedding party. Her prices are extremely reasonable. We would recommend Lisa to anyone in need of wedding coordination services!”
Comments from the Groom:
”We decided on Lisa after she and my fiancé (now wife!) communicated via email in October 2015. Our wedding was mid-June 2016 (just happened). In addition to my wife’s comments above, I wanted to add that I’ve never been to a wedding where the GUESTS even commented so much on how well-coordinated things were. Lisa received praise from both of our families. I also wanted to mention that our wedding was somewhat “multi-cultural”. We had an American Wedding at the Darlington House, however my family is Indian, and my wife’s family is Persian. There were a some cultural aspects to our wedding which required coordination (e.g. putting together a “sofreh aghd” — which is a Persian table constructed with a traditional layout). Lisa was able to seamlessly put it together with very little assistance from anyone! The fact that she didn’t even blink an eye when it came to incorporating some of our family customs, is a testament to Lisa and how effective she is as making the wedding a stress-free even for the Bride & Groom. Thanks for everything, Lisa!
— Banafesh + Virag
We booked Lisa as our day of coordinator. We met with a few coordinators, but Lisa stood out for her calm, positive presence and what seemed like genuine interest in our wedding! Although we only booked her for day of coordination services, she has been very helpful by recommending other vendors to us and by answering our numerous questions that have come up during the planning process. Our minds are definitely at ease knowing she will be there on our special day to keep everything organized!
*Post-wedding update: Hiring Lisa was by far one of the best decisions we made! She was extremely helpful the day of. She even brought my wedges to our sweetheart table and helped me change out of my heels during the middle of the reception. This is one of many examples of how attentive she was to us. Not to mention that we had a ton of DIY decor items to be set up, and they were arranged perfectly! Definitely book Lisa! You will get the attention you need, and she will work with you to make sure your schedule is executed perfectly. Simply the best!!!
— Kimberly + Garratt
Lisa was nothing short of amazing on my wedding day at the University Club.
I hired her as my day of coordinator. She was helpful prior to the day of with email exchanges and phone calls, but on the day of she blew me away. She was calm and collected and has a graceful way about her that kept me from stressing out. From the moment she arrived on my big day to deliver my bouquets, she kept things running smoothly and she did not stop. She worked seamlessly with all my other vendors to make sure there were no hiccups. She is very detailed and helped my family (processional) know exactly when to walk down the aisle and exactly where to sit for the ceremony. They were all impressed with her.
She was back and forth in a flash between my venue, hotel room and the other room where were getting ready. I gave her a key to my hotel room and she collected everything I brought for the wedding set up: photos and our guest book, favors, a card box, extra decorations, etc. She transported it all to the venue and set it up beautifully for us. She went out of her way to add an extra touch to our head table by decorating with some loose flowers since we had an extra center piece (even checking with me first before she did so). She is so thoughtful and went out of her way to add extra touches that made our day even more special. She was there when I needed anything – safety pin? deodorant? she had it. Help sneaking away to the restroom? She was there for me like a best friend (only more organized)!
While we were still celebrating toward the end of the reception, she packed up all of our gifts, cards and décor and put it back in our room along with some extra wedding cake! If I needed anything before or during the ceremony/reception, she was there in a flash. I can’t say enough good things about Lisa. I don’t know how she managed to do all that she did on our big day. She kept us stress free and we had a beautiful happy wedding. I highly recommend her!
— Rebecca + Tom
Lisa is the best!!!!! She was SO dedicated to making my wedding amazing...and it was PERFECT!! I set up a customized plan with Lisa to meet a 2 times before, do a walk through of my wedding site/ tie up loose ends (the Wednesday before my wedding), she coordinated my rehearsal, and then of course the wedding. I didn’t think I needed a wedding planner (I’m pretty sure this is somewhat typical for brides when starting to plan their wedding). Then I began to realize I was living in la la land. Oh my God! I did I need one! The moment I spoke with her I knew she would work perfect for me. I had a kinda complicated wedding with a lot of special details. I also had 7 maids, 7 groomsmen, 1 flowergirl,1 ring bearer. She was always up for a challenge and always kept it positive. Her prices are great for the amount of work she puts in!! This is why she’s so great: She makes you feel confident that she’ll get stuff done and she’ll do it right (you won’t have to ask twice). If you are making the wrong move logistically or if something will not work, she’ll tell you and be direct. Example: She was totally right about having another bathroom for guests to use at my wedding. On the other hand, if something is difficult to accomplish, she will figure it out! She is always available! Email, texts, calls, etc. I was constantly sending her photos of ideas through text. She had a great sense of style and design while knowing what will work logistically in all different spaces. If you just need someone to talk to, she’s there. Example: speaking to her the night before my wedding was super comforting. Knowing she’d be there the next day to run the show was such a great feeling. She’s wonderful with friends and family... even when they’re not following direction at the rehearsal :) She is an overall rad chick!!! A prefect combo of professional and fun
— Kimberly + Nick
Lisa was such an amazing wedding coordinator - I literally can’t imagine my wedding day running so smoothly without her help. But her guidance began much before our big day: she was just an email or phone call away every time my mom or I had a question about anything. Her prompt replies kept us calm whenever we needed information or direction. Lisa’s familiarity with our venue (the Darlington House in La Jolla), knowledge of other vendors and formatting for the dress rehearsal and ceremony made planning and decision making simple. And having her there the day of our wedding was absolutely key in having our special day be a celebration and not a stressful and chaotic event. Lisa was there every time we needed help: when chairs needed to be set up, the flowers needed to go on the tables, the cake was delivered, and when I was so overwhelmed that I forgot the order in which my bridal party was supposed to stand...the list goes on! Lisa’s calming presence and easy-going, pleasant personality made it a joy to work with her. Thank you, Lisa for your expertise and ease in which you helped us to thoroughly enjoy our wedding.
— Anna + Jarrod
Lisa is AMAZING. She’s always on point and knows how to get even the craziest guests to stay on task. She handled my panicky, freak-out moments calmly and kept me from becoming a complete Bridezilla, especially as the big day drew closer and those moments happened more frequently. She’s prompt, incredibly organized, and absolutely adorable. By the end of the whole wedding-planning process, I saw her as more of a BFF than a wedding coordinator. She really is that sweet! I felt like she really cared about making my dream wedding a reality. She is extremely patient and always responded to my emails right away (and there were A LOT of emails!). She has so many wonderful ideas and she truly made my day perfect.
In addition to all of her help with the planning, Lisa and her assistant setup my ceremony site decor as well as all of the reception decorations. Our wedding was almost completely DIY and I couldn’t have done it without her! She checked in with all of my vendors the day before the wedding and made sure everything was setup on time and in the right place on the day of.
Lisa took all of my wedding day stresses away and was always smiling! She is a MUST-HAVE for any bride and groom. Thank you for everything, Lisa!
— Emily + Josh
I can’t say enough great things about Lisa. She is AMAZING! We met Lisa about a month and half before our wedding, just as things started to get crazy. I am not one of those brides who had my wedding planned since I was a kid, and was definitely not versed in all of the things to plan for/expect. Lisa answered all of my hundreds of questions no matter how silly, and was there to offer suggestions and point out other things that we should be thinking about. Again we can’t say enough great things about her! Working with her, I felt like she wasn’t just someone we hired or another vendor tied to the wedding, she was a friend. Lisa made me feel so comfortable and relaxed about the whole day, and ensured me it would run smoothly and IT DID, because of her! Not only did my husband and I think she was fantastic, but so did our whole bridal party, patents and all of our guests! Everyone stopped to say how on top of things, fun, and pleasant she was! My only regret is that we did not meet and hire her earlier!
— Ashley + Adam
Lisa was an absolute pleasure to work. Hiring her to coordinate my wedding was one of the best decisions we made. She was an amazing help and resource throughout the planning process. She was always available and very quick to respond to every little question I had! She made sure that all the vendors were on the same page and that everything ran smoothly. Knowing that Lisa was there to take care of everything really took the stress away. I had complete confidence in her. I was so happy with the way everything turned out. It looked absolutely GORGEOUS! She continued to help throughout the night making sure everyone had everything they needed! She went above and beyond my every expectation. It was an absolute pleasure working with her and I highly recommend her to everyone
— Lisa + Rocky
We used Lisa as our day of coordinator for our 9-27-14 wedding at the Darlington House in La Jolla and I can’t say enough good things about her! I met Lisa at one of my first visits to the venue and hired her based on knowledge of the venue (she had her wedding at DH) and her awesome personality.

From day one, it was great to work with Lisa. She was so helpful during the planning process, promptly answering my many questions via email and text. On the day of, she managed the wedding perfectly! Any little mishaps (such as our guests guzzling down all of the vodka in one hour) were fixed immediately. We had the best time at our wedding and it was so fun and worry-free because of Lisa. Highly recommend!
— Kadie + Dan
I had the pleasure of working with Lisa this past weekend and I am so glad I met her, She was professional, kind, attentive to all the guest and the details. As a vendor, she was always making sure I was taken care of and aware of everything. I would recommend her time and time again, she did a FABULOUS job and I can guarantee anyone hiring her would be very pleased.
— Katelyn + James
This review is coming from a grooms perspective, in short she was great and I would hire her again and strongly suggest to friends/family. Our only regret is that we didn’t meet her earlier because she made our lives better and tackled the small and big wedding tasks impressively.
The longer version is that she was friendly and had a way about her that made us all (bride, groom, wedding party and immediate family) feel comfortable on all fronts. She helped plan accordingly beforehand and more importantly the week/day of.
Most importantly she made my wife comfortable and happy. She dealt with last minute hurdles as the came up and there was 1-2 unforeseen ones (as with any and all events/weddings).
She is worth every penny and more. My advise is to book her early because she is undoubtably in high demand. Couldn’t ask for a nicer and more competent wedding planner.
— CJ + Ashley